Sun Protection

Korean Sunscreens For Dark Skin (that do not leave a white cast)

Korean sunscreens for dark skin

Looking for recommendations for an SPF product that isn’t greasy, doesn’t pill and won’t leave a white cast? Here is our round-up of some of the best Korean sunscreens for dark skin (that do not leave a white cast). Have you been looking for a cosmetically elegant Korean sunscreen for dark skin with a silkier, …


Dealing with Maskne – Skincare Tips for Mask Wearers

skincare tips for mask wearers

To help you figure out what changes to apply in your skincare regimen’s new normal, we’ll give you a few skincare tips for mask wearers!     As a health precaution, we’re all required to wear masks nowadays whenever we leave our homes and socialise with others. While it’s much-needed to follow this regulation, we’ve …

Skin Care

Skin’s pH Balance Explained – And How to Restore Damaged pH Barrier

skin's pH balance

Lately, the phrase “skin’s pH balance” has been thrown around everywhere. You’ll hear it wherever beauty treatments are present, from dermatologist offices to department store aisles. Additionally, pH-focused beauty products like cleansers, moisturisers, and toners are taking over skincare trends.  With all these talks about pH level in skincare products, do we know what pH …

Sun Protection

Asian Sunscreens Explained – Differences between Asian and Western Sunscreens

Asian Sunscreens Explained

Sunscreen is an important step in your skincare routine. Without it, your skin will get exposed to harsh UV rays, which can cause irreversible damage and premature ageing. On that note, did you know that there’s more than one kind of sunscreen?    Pin it for later!   Sun protection products are not a one …

Skin Care

How to Create Different Korean Skin Care Routine for Day and Night

Korean skincare routine for day and night

Want glowing skin like your favourite K-pop celeb? Well given their disposable skincare budget it might be a little unrealistic for most of us mere mortals. But the good news is that it is still possible to achieve flawless skin just by following a religious Korean skin care routine for day and night.   Pin …

Moisture Barrier

Barrier Repair Superstar: Urea Explained and Top Urea’s Skin Benefits

ureas skin benefits

Urea is another fantastic and underrated skin barrier repairing ingredient. It is also gently exfoliating at concentrations 5% and above. Read this post to learn more about urea’s skin benefits and how it can help repair the moisture barrier.    Pin it for later!   There are SO many mumbo jumbos and overpromising marketing jargons …

Moisture Barrier

Skin’s Moisture Barrier Repair Explained (and How You Can Fix Damaged Barrier)

skin's moisture barrier repair

Your skin goes through so much during the day. It can be exposed to pollution, harsh climate, or the sun, making your skin look dry and dull. When your skin feels like it’s not at its best, it’s most likely that you need moisture barrier repair.  Read this article to learn everything you need to …

Moisture Barrier

Barrier Repair Superstar: What Are Ceramides and Why Your Skin Needs Them

what are ceramides

Ceramides are one of the most amazing ingredients for repairing & replenishing the moisture barrier. Read this post to learn about ceramides benefits for your skin and why everyone should have ceramide products in their skincare routine.   Pin it for later!   Ceramides are some of the most important skin-identical ingredients. These skin-identical ingredients …

Anti Ageing

Best Korean Anti-Ageing Skin Care Ingredients

korean anti ageing skin care

Interested in Korean anti-ageing products? We’ve gathered the best Korean anti-ageing skin care ingredients you should look for in a product.   Pin it for later!   Everyone ages differently. A person can be 50 years old but still look like a 30 something. Others start getting signs of ageing in their mid-twenties. Growing old …